Return to the Valley of the Jeep Beats
An album of hypnotic music to listen to while travelling in vehicles. Thumps and puffs and liquid mechanics carving arcs on a seam of steam.

previous releases
  Smooth Tendencies (2014 friends records vinyl and download)
oxes/microkingdom feat. will oldham and sam herring split single (2012 friends records vinyl)
three compositions of no jazz (2011friends records vinyl, cassette, download)
threatened youths (2011 friends records cassette and download)
spectacular edges (2009 human conduct cd-r, out of print)
wrenches: my heart/double abacus (self released vinyl and download)


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microkingdom (at) gmail (dot) com

Coming 11/1/17:
Exotic Package
A collection of unreleased tracks from 2007-2017. Improvisations sampled and developed into new compositions with a computer. These tracks surround the recording of Three Compositions of No Jazz, Smooth Tendencies, Return to the Valley of the Jeep Beats.