Microkingdom is a trio of Baltimore MVPs: Marc Miller (guitar) of Oxes, John Dierker (reeds) master improviser and member of LaFayette Gilchrest’s New Volcanos (and many other bands and collaborations), and experimental composer Will Redman (percussion). (large photo)

Smooth Tendencies is Microkingdom’s second full length on Friends Records. A beautiful monster built over three years in a basement in Northeast Baltimore.

Double smooth ramps. Tending toward the yacht. Luxurious hair in the breeze. It’s not an avant garde smooth jazz album but there is reverb on the sax and gold on the guitar. The shirt is open and the chest hair flows in the drums. Keyboards of all kinds. It’s hot in the streets and a breeze on the beach.

Friends Records FR024
Release date: February 14th, 2015
Format: Limited edition pink vinyl in crushed velvet jacket
(plus download)
Recorded and produced by Microkingdom
Mastered by Lupo Lubich at Calyx Mastering.
All songs Unsystematic Music ASCAP

Press on previous releases:
“...an out-there band, but it’s also fairly Baltimore canon...” - City Paper
“...a hyperactively burrowing noise excavation...” - The Wire
“Schizophrenia defines both the unit and the individual.” - Pitchfork
“I recommend listening under the harsh rebuke of a wise fungus…” - Progmundo (translated by Google)