Two new Microkingdom albums and tour dates in October/November

Return to the Valley of the Jeep Beats (10/13/2017 on Friends Records) an album of hypnotic music to listen to while travelling in vehicles. Thumps and puffs and liquid mechanics carving arcs on seam of steam.

Exotic Package (11/1/2017 on Friends Records) is a collection of unreleased tracks from 2007-2017. Improvisations sampled and developed into new compositions with a computer. These tracks surround the recording of Three Compositions of No Jazz, Smooth Tendencies, Return to the Valley of the Jeep Beats.

Microkingdom is experimental composer Will Redman on drums, Ex-Oxes Marc Miller on guitar, and reeds MVP John Dierker on saxophone. Floating limbs and brains missing the same body. Zone variance of extra-cognitive spiritual magnetism. Ten years of intrepid musical cartography: drone music with orchestral percussion, Bruce Springsteen cover with Sam from Future Islands, loop creation for Blacksage, faux retro soul film music, graphic scores, monthly residencies, clearing lobbies and at fancy Manhattan hotels, three records and a few tapes of computer-processed free improv on Friends Records and other labels, and of course the sweaty and fervent comic cosmic benders that are their live shows.

“...universe music spirit language...“ - Tiny Mix Tapes

“always pushing for the most extreme bug-out they can achieve.” - Stereogum

“It's hard to imagine having more fun with some drums, a guitar, and some reeds” - Pitchfork

“...hyperactively burrowing noise excavation…” - The Wire

10/20 - Charlottesville at Telemetry Series at The Bridge
10/21 - Greensboro at Scuppernong Books with Polyorchard
10/22 - Raleigh at Neptune’s with Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan
10/27 - Baltimore at Normal’s Red Room with Talibam!/Audrey Chen
10/28 - Washington, DC at Rhizome with Talibam!/Audrey Chen
11/3 - Philadelphia - TBA
11-4 - Brooklyn at Record Shop with Talibam!